About Me

I’m Laura Chapman and I’m an illustrator currently living in Liverpool. I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2008 with a first class degree in Graphic Arts. I would describe my illustrative style as lovingly meticulous. I like to weave intricate patterns into my work as I feel that it is attention to the little details that can be most captivating. More than anything I’m trying to create a visual world that gives the mundane a more magical feel and above all else I want my illustrations to make people smile.

I am obsessional about pattern and colour within my work and I’m always looking for new pattern and colour palette ideas. I get ideas from absolutely anywhere from a pattern on a dress I’ve seen in a magazine to the colours and patterns used in a Gustav Klimt painting.

I also have a passion for typography and I am constantly doodling ideas for new letter forms. I love exploring how type and image can work together to become one beautifully designed piece of work. For me type can be just as visually exciting as a piece of imagery and I take an illustrative approach to creating letter forms so they retain a hand drawn quality. I’m particularly interested in traditional decorative display fonts (e.g. Victorian and Art Nouveau), and how I can give them a more contemporary feel by injecting my own illustrative style.

I’m interested in a number of creative areas and how illustration can work across them. For example designing tattoo’s, wallpaper patterns, illustrations to go on to clothing garments, as well as more traditional areas such as book covers, CD covers, editorial and advertising. I’m eager to get involved in a variety of projects and hopefully do something different and exciting with illustration.

Things that I like; the smell of new books, drawing tiny pointy shoes on animals playing instruments, the colour burgundy, finding little vintage gems , tea sets, days spent drawing in my PJ’s , 0.3 pencil leads , passport note books and penguins

I am available for illustration work, collaborations, and exhibitions.