Back on the scene

Once again it's been a while since I last posted, what can I say when a girl's busy with her pencils everything else goes out the non-crafty-window!

So as you will see from my newly updated links section, The Kite Princess is now on sale which is really exciting and lovely to see the finished thing in print! I have also delved into the big bad world of Twitter, so you can now follow my arty goings on @LauraKateDraws. I must admit it feels a little bit like learning a new language, all this #business is still rather riddle-like to me, so Imust warn you a few tweets may air on the dodgey social media illiterate side. I have a new found understanding for the trouble Momma Chappers had when learning how to email!

I have been very busy the past few months organising new Capstan's Bazaar fairs at LEAF and other new venues (more exciting news coming soon). With new craft fairs comes the development of new Laura-Kate Draws prints and products, which is my most favourite of ways to spend time. That said, I have embarked on making my illustrations wearable, in the form of hand-painted/hand-drawn jewellery and screen printined T's. All in time for Summer festivals! To see what I've been up to take a peak at the portfolio section of my site.

In other news,  for the past few months I've been creating bespoke gifts for a variety of people, which has been most lovely. After all there is nothing better than getting a truely unique and special present and for me being able to create that is an absolute joy! You can see the range of pieces on the newly updated "Weddings and Special Gifts" section of my portfolio.

I think that is enough updating for one day, but I shall depart for a cup of tea with a promise, (that this time I will keep) to update you all more regularly. If in doubt though, do follow me on good old Facebook as I am much better at keeping things current in this arena- HONEST!