In the world of broken down laptops

I have been out of the technology loop recently as I have been stuck in the world of broken down laptops. I would like to shake my fist at the pesky creators of computer viruses!

On a much lighter note I have been busy creating... I've been craft fairing like crazy and had a very successful weekend at the Lord Street Celebrates event which was the first time my work graced the shores of Southport. I even got asked by a customer to sign some of my badges which was funny but very sweet, I think it was my first five seconds of fame. My work was featured in last months cosmos issue of Blanket Magazine and I was asked to create a colouring book spread for Anaroks latest Birds Issue Three of my illustrations were chosen by The Art Corner to be part of their exhibition "Therianthropy" at Trof in Fallowfield.

Whilst my computer has failed me my trusty 0.3 pencils have not!

Check out the shop section of my site which is now updated.